Criminal History

This Department (ECSO) will only disseminate "face to face".

This Department (ECSO) will not run/disseminate drivers history. (Fire fighters only.) 

For Purpose Code E

A signed notarized consent form is mandatory for a criminal history. Authorized for non-criminal justice purposes where consent is provided: employment, military, firefighters, licensing, international travel, inspection of one's own criminal history record, nursing home, prospective adoption/foster parents.

Purpose Code "E" history displays complete Georgia criminal history except sealed and juvenile records and requires consent of individual.

Requesting Criminal Histories

Because of the abundance of requests for criminal histories, we ask the customer to allow at least 2 days for pick up. Upon requesting for criminal history, the clerk will have the individual complete a consent form, which must be notarized, with proper picture id.

Pay is expected at time of request: $20 for persons living within the county, and $25 for persons living outside of Effingham County.

If the applicant requests for someone other than themselves to pick up the history, the person picking up the history must have their name on the consent form. No exceptions.

Purpose Code "P" $20

Public Records

  • Purpose code "P" histories display Georgia felony convictions only.
  • No consent required.

4.11 Public Access to Felony Conviction Records

Purpose Code P must be used by local agencies when processing requests for Georgia felony conviction record checks from the public (O.C.G.A. § 35-3-35). Fingerprint comparison, prior contact with GCIC or consent of the person whose record is being checked is not required. Georgia CJIS CCH printouts may be disseminated directly to requestors. A fee may be charged not to exceed $20 per request.

Purpose Code "W"

Individual is applying for employment with a public school, private school, child welfare agency or a person or entity that provides day care for minor children or after school care for minor children. Applicants seeking employment with facilities per statute.

Purpose Code "W" histories display complete Georgia criminal history to include completed first offender sentences for certain offenses when the offender was discharged on or after July 1, 2004.

Code "W" requires consent of individual.